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Default xc ski boots and bindings: NNN or SNS Pilot?

Edit: I decided on the Escape 7, along with new Pilot bindings. Can't wait to hit the trails!

I guess over the years my feet must have gotten a bit bigger, because my current ski boots have become brutally tight. I've tried to find new ones, but the current local offerings of SNS Profil are pretty sad - very low end, and not as good as the ones I am used to. That has me thinking that it is time to upgrade my bindings to either the NNN or SNS Pilot system. I was looking for feedback from you folks on which is better.

I generally ski on twisty, hilly groomed trails, so control is pretty important. Weight is not so much of an issue - I weigh 220lbs or so, and almost always haul around a 20 lb pack with me, so a few extra ounces isn't going to make a big difference. Reliability is very important, as is a system that doesn't need to be treated with kid gloves.

So far, I've tried on the Salomon Escape 7 boot in the store (SNS Pilot), and was very impressed with how comfortable it felt.

What has your experience taught you, fellow CT members? Is one system any better than the other? And if I decide to get new skis, should that make any difference in my decision?
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Check out ORS Cross Country Skis. They deal strictly in xc gear.


And the guy also has a youtube channel and describes in detail boots/bindings and skis.
Really helpful channel.

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I use SNS Pilot on my skis and although some people claim that the dual axle system is superior to NNN, I can't tell the difference over my previous SNS Profiles which of course is a single axle design.

I'd go with the most comfortable boot you can find and go with those bindings.

Personally, I've been using the Escape 7 for the last few years as well and love them!
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I've used NNN, SNS Profil and SNS Pilot over the years for both recreation and racing and I have to say I am a big fan of the Salomon Pilot system. The ski returns to the boot a lot faster and I find that the lateral stability, especially when skating, is greatly improved over the one axle system.

Enjoy your new setup JessieG. You will love them!
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For future readers, I'd like to echo Spicytuna.
Boot fit is far more important and likely to affect how skiing feels than the similar bindings will.
Try on the boots, buy whichever boot feels the most comfortable, and then buy the binding that goes with it.
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quote:Originally posted by Rachelo
buy whichever boot feels the most comfortable, and then buy the binding that goes with it.

I have also used all the bindings, and found the Pilot somewhat beneficial when skating, otherwise no big difference. Boot comfort is WAY more important.
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