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Default Sawyer water filters

Has anyone had any experience using the Sawyer water filters, specifically using them on your hydration tube and also using them to gravity feed into another container?

The one million gallon guarantee and light weight are pretty appealing.......
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It looks pretty neat. I do not have experience with this product but a few things to consider:

- They use a hollow fiber membrane. I've heard that these can be quite susceptible to damage from freezing (and presumably you would not be able to see the damage.) Perhaps their specific membrane is different.

- Using any filter for 1,000,000 gallons (essentially for the rest of your life,) comes with some potential risks. Is it a brittle element that could develop cracks that you might never know about but that could let bacteria through? For example, on the MEC page for the HyperFlow filter cartridge, it says: "Because the filter uses Hollow Fibre Technology, where fibres are somewhat more brittle than traditional filter materials, we recommend packing a spare cartridge on longer trips "

- It won't get rid of viruses.

- I bet it will clog very quickly if filtering water with glacial silt. This is true for other filters as well but with the MSR MiniWorks you can easily install the silt-stopper pre-filter or just clean the filter with the scratchy sponge thing (or velcro) in the field. At a glance, it would appear that the 1,000,000 gallon guarantee on this product assumes that you are backwashing it whenever it gets dirty. Can you do that in the field with the supplied parts or do you need to do that with a faucet?
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Yes, absolutely, the problem of glacial silt is a con and one people have talked about in reviews.

Some said that they had success back washing it in the field. It's a popular system for PCT thru-hikers to use, with them using it daily and back flushing it on their town stops.

Yes, it's pretty much a given that if the filter freezes, it's toast. Reviews mentioned sleeping with the filter in their bags to keep it warm.

Good question re the brittleness of the filter. Anyone have any ideas?

The Sawyer Point Zero Two biological and Viral water purifiers are also available for virus concerns. Pricier of course.
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I know that the Hyperflow has a way to test the integrity of the filter that is easy to do every time you backwash. That makes a big difference in trusting the fibre. I imagine this does not likely have something like that.
Sure looks neat though. Sorry, no experience to contribute.
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Sawyer PointONE™ Biological Water Filters
- Sawyer Squeeze™ Filter
- Sawyer Complete 2 Liter Water Filtration System
- Sawyer PointONE™ All in One Filter
- Sawyer Personal Water Bottle with Filter
- Sawyer 3 Way Water Filter
- Sawyer 4 Way Water Filter
- Sawyer Complete 4 Liter Water Filtration System
- Sawyer 2 Liter Water Filtration System
- Sawyer 4 Liter Water Filtration System

Sawyer Point ZeroTWO™ Biological & Viral Water Purifiers
- 4 Liter Complete Water Purification System
- Point ZeroTWO™ Bucket Purifier Assembly Kit

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I picked one up last year at REI.

It is BOMB. Used it multiple times and have had no problem with clogging. Also, have rigged it up to do gravity feed.....At $40 dollars you can not go wrong.

I just ordered the mini version....Sweet deal and it is even easier to set up a gravity feed.

The fact it weighs almost nothing is a huge bonus.
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For anyone following this or the mini squeeze

mini is out,

cheapest price with best shipping to blaine I could find was..
and was under 4.00 to have it shipped to blaine, to canada I have no idea..

REI was 24.99 if shipped to store, then shipped to blaine was like 7.00 ish, to canada 16-19.00

I ordered mine today 26,
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I like this filter. I have been using it (replaced Hiker Pro)since this spring , about 30-35 days in total, I would say 2 litters per day. I got a more expensive kit with 3 bags and the attachments for a bucket (I was needed one of the parts of the kit and it seemed to make sense to get the whole kit than 1 additional part). Bags are not very practical because it is difficult to fill them even in running water so I constructed a gravity filtering system:

The reservoir I believe is from 1.8L Source or Platypus hydration system with big opening - extremely convenient to fill and clean. A piece of cloth around the filter - to collect the drops of the dirty water that can (theoretically) drop off the reservoir or the tube. When I need to disassemble the filter to transport or fill the reservoir I put the female part of the quick disconnect kit

and it keeps the rest of the water in the filter and the tube.

The filter is not extremely fast (the diameter of the water flow without squeezing is about 3-4 mm at best), that's ok with me.

Yes, low temperature can destroy it. I just came back from a trip to Murtle Lake and had to keep it (in a small ziplock) in the sleeping bag at nights since couple of days the temperature was around 0 degrees C already at 8PM.

Silt: I have done a small modification allowing to filter out lots of stuff before it reaches the filter. Just buy a metal coffee filter, cut from it a round piece and install it under the rubber gasket. You will be able to clean it in the field without any problems.

The filter came with "push pull" type of the cap and I disliked it very much. I replaced it with "twist" type of the cap and found that to be far more convenient.

It's nice to use reservoir with detached filter for transporting the water in the kayak.
When assembled You can attach it to the backpack and drink on the go.

Cleaning: when I come back from a trip I back flush it first, after that use a small amount of bleach mixed with water and let it run through the filter a couple of reservoirs (to clean all parts). I remove the excess of the water by shaking (some people use compressed air to dry it out, just search the internet for the instructions) and store.

In my view, this is a very practical device.

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One setup that works nice is the gravity works bags from a Platypus gravity works kit.

mec has the connections to fit.

Summit hut has free ship to Blaine etc if you purchase 45.00
Unfortunately only have the Platypus®: Gravityworks 2.0l Hose Kit

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Thanks for the info, everyone. [^]
Just picked up my Sawyer Mini this past weekend!
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Us too...picked up this version: while at the Wal-mart in Mt. Vernon.

At 3 oz and .1 micron ABSOLUTE rating, it's hard to say no!
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whats the flow per minute?
waste of time if needing 3 liters and takes too long in many situations..?
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