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A correction ... my friend's vehicle is the " Outback ", not Forester.

Any one remember those dumb-ass Croc Dundee Commercials ?
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quote:Originally posted by cambium

Any one remember those dumb-ass Croc Dundee Commercials ?
While I agree they were goofy, they, literally, saved Subaru. The combination of "inventing" the SUV-wagon-thing and the memorable ads launched an era that would bring them from 1996 to the 2002 WRX hitting North American shores and making Subaru "cool" again.
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I agree with some other posters...depends on what your usage will be. Anything more than a fairly "normal" logging road and I'd look elsewhere.

Seriously mid-90's Jeep Cherokee/Cherokee Sport were bullet proof, good 4x4, cheap parts and way less $ than the Forrester...
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Been busy,but a big thanks to everyone for your input It's mostly for "normal" logging roads,with a few tougher ones once in a while I wanted something newer,I'm no mechanic and can't fix my own so....I wanted something big enough to sleep in,I miss my Chevy Tahoe,the independance of a bigger vehicle you can put stuff in,the Cavalier was fine for traveling around the province all the time,good on gas,but it has held me back from many areas I wanted to explore in the lower mainland,let alone up here!! I can't access half of Texada because of my car. My friend took it for a test drive,and to her mechanic,and it's a thumbs up,so it looks like I'll be picking it up on the 19th on my way to the Rockies
I'm so excited
Eryne,it's black which would not have been my choice,but who cares!! I know black shows scratches a lot so that sucks 'cause I see some alder in my future LOL
quote:BTW if you own a [u]nice</u> car you are not prone to or approve of someone or something scratching it.
LOL...I can assure you,when I first bought that car I treated it like it was a Porche because it was the first NEW car I ever bought on my OWN,and I used to FREAK when I found a dent,but I'd like to think I've grown...at the end of the day,that little dent or scratch just doesn't ruin my mood anymore,life is way too short for that
And,should I be hurt because you don't consider my Cavalier a "nice" car? Hardly LMAO!!!
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