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Default tents for family of 4

I have a couple of tents from the good old days, ie before kids. I have a Sierra Designs Flashlight 2 (pre clip flashlight) that is very light but not freestanding. I also have a Mountain Hardwear Lightwedge 3. It wasn't too bad when I split the weight with my partner.

Anyways, we now have 2 kids that are big enough that only 3 can sleep in the lightwedge. I think I have several options moving forward:
1. take the lightwedge + tarp for myself
2. take the lightwedge + flashlight
3. sell the lightwedge and get a 2nd 2 person tent
4. sell it all and get 2 lightweight 2-person tents

My concern for option #1 is whether I will be able to pitch a tarp in the case that trees in the area are not in ideal places. I will experiment today with pitching the tarp using trekking poles.

#2 is okay but kind of heavy. I have to carry a lot of gear as it is because my kids don't carry much, and the lightwedge makes for a heavy pack

#3 is okay, and a step in the right direction. Eventually the flashlight needs to be retired because it is not freestanding and the fly isn't super great.

#4 is great but expensive

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Being part of my own 4 person family, I'd say go with option 3. It worked for us for years.
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What about getting a 4 person tent like the Tarptent Hogback (www.tarptent.com)?
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big agnes copper spur for 4 gets alots of praise: has lots of room and is as lightweight as a 2-3 person tent...go to ebay for some good deals or do a craigzoom check.
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I have an MH lightwedge 3 and think it is a great tent, can get 2 people and all gear into it.
Get another one!
Or get the MH Lightwedge 2 for the kids.
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