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Default Hanwag Boots

See related thread on Gore-Tex.

I'm thinking the biggest problem with getting a solid, long-lasting waterproof boots is that the more popular lines are mostly made out of fabric.

Looking at Hanwag (handmade solid leather for $369 - 419!) or the North Face Dhaulagiri (mostly oiled leather but only $200).

Anyone have opinions on them? Or any suggestions for other leather boots?

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EDIT: oops, logged in as the OH
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I'm interested in this also. After selling a kidney to buy a pair of Scarpa Mont Blanc GTX boots and finding my feet get wet shortly after the leather becomes saturated (pretty easy in this spring snow) I'm going to start looking into leather boots for the future, at least to replace my approach boots.

Don't get me wrong, the Mont Blancs fit like a glove right out of the box. They required no breaking in and are performing excellently. They also insulate quite well, even when wet, it takes a long time for my feet to get cold (there is enough space in the toe to let me move my toes also). But, I live in a rain forest, I need waterproof I can rely on, even if that means a few weeks of blisters as the boots break in.
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I'm mostly satisfied with my ($200) Akus but VPO doesn't carry them anymore.
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I'v had a pair of Scarpa SL M3 Boots for about 8 years and a newer pair of Asolo Gore-Tex. I'll take the Scarpa any day over the Gore-Tex. The Scarpa have allways kept my feet dry and I hike in a lot of wet conditions. Especially when useing gators I can walk in streams a foot deep with no worries

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quote:Originally posted by peter1955

Anyone have opinions on them? Or any suggestions for other leather boots?

I love my Mammut boots. They're nubuck leather in and out. Super comfy. No blisters and as long as you continue to treat the leather they stay waterproof.
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I'd say buy whatever fit the best, to me that trumps everything else. I recently took the plunge on some Hanwag Mountain Lights GTX (discontinued). They are half leather, half fabric. It is a more breathable version of the Alaska GTX with the same shank and sole. I am guessing you are looking at the Alaska's for your purchase.

It's a solid boot, but it's expensive. I do like that they can be resoled and I plan to keep them going as long as I can. The rocker they have in the boot is great for hiking. Although after 1 month of scrambles and rock climbing there are some decent cuts/gouges in the tread. I think I will need to resole them once every one-two years depending on use. Anyway the boot is water proof, I have had it in knee deep snow up Mt Kidd this year and in bogs and streams.

Again I say get whatever fits best, replace or resole when they wear out. My last pair of boots (handy downs from my family) did not fit and made outdoor pursuits unpleasant.
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Just found some 'SALOMON Mens MEGA TREK 6 LEATHER GTX HIKING BOOT' at a store in Thunder Bay. I suspect that's a discontinued line, but if I can get someone to call me back, I just might buy them.
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Yes fit is very important so take suggestions on boots with a grain of salt. Try them on, and get a feel for how they wrap your feet etc.

I've been more then pleased with my Gronell Klondikes, beautiful, made in italy, leather inside and out, norweigan welts so you can resole them. They are stiff enough for cramponing, though probably not for vertical ice (imho - ymmv). You'll want to treat them with a bit of waterproofing wax etc. but they fit the bill for me. And boy can they take a beating and still look as new.

Sure they are a tad heavy, but they aren't your average light hikers, these are made for real exploring on tough ground, they've surely saved my ankles on many a steep sidehill bushwack. With a big heavy overnight/weekend pack they are simply divine. Break-in period was relatively quick and they have molded to my feet so nicely.

To me they are the epitomy of a tough, built to last hiking boot. I don't know that i'll ever need another set of hikers again.

Now would I use these on flat-ish, well groomed trails, or things like the grind or the chief? Probably not, they are overkill for this application. But boy do I appreciate them on real hikes that I enjoy doing! They also work just fine strapped into a snowboard binding for some spring skiing applications saving lugging along snowboard extra boots


A friend of mine has the Mammut Kootenays and likes them, they are a little lighter, but no ability to resole and they haven't worn as nicely my gronells.

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another vote for the Mammut Kootenays, they are very very reasonably priced and perform well: my partner has had a pair for nearly two years now, and he is usually able to destroy boots in no time, these are still good! take a bit of time to get used to but once they have been broken in they are great. And they come in different widths too!


having worn leather boots all my backpacking life, I think it depends which brand works with your feet: some fit meindl, some hanwag, (personally, Scarpas never seem to fit me well), make sure you try as many as possible and see which brand tends to make shoes that fit you well. If you find a well fitting boot and take good care of it, a full leather boot can last you years and years (I have a pair of Hanwags, they have been with me for 7+years and still going strong), so in the end, buying a great boot that fits well could save you money in the long run....
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It's a given that fit is of ultimate importance, but I would highly recommend you try on the Mammut Kootenays at MEC. My impression after a couple seasons is that seamless leather interior makes them super comfy and eliminates a lot of common heel rub spots, wide toe box prevents toe impact and blisters, and I feel like the heels are a little lower than usual which makes them feel more like shoes than boots. That's pretty subjective, but definitely throw them in the mix when you're trying on boots.
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I have Hanwag's and will never buy another brand...ever!
Awesome fit, awesome boot. Worth the " doh"!
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I love my lightweight hikers for backpacking on established trails in summer conditions. Taking the weight off my feet is awesome. They don't last all that long if you log lots of kms, but the comfort is great.

I use my Hanwag mountaineering boots for summer routes where I am off trail, scrambling, light mountaineering or will need to negotiate substantial snow. My old Rocky boots have a 3/4 shank, so they're pretty decent over long hauls comfort wise.
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might also be worth looking at meindls if there is a dealer in your area. Also expensive, but my feet have never been happier any type of footwear.
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I'm a fan of Zamberlain boots. I try other companies, but eventually return to Zamberlain. Maybe it's just that their last fits for my foot. They are an Italian boot company that make solid leather boots, in an old school way, with new school touches. They're pricey, but are very well built.

To each their own.

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