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Hittin' the Trails
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Default GoLite

Hi im looking to see if anyone out there likes golite's products thanks
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High on the Mountain Top
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Interest: hiking on and off trails , maintaining certain trails. recumbent bike on log/mining roads, and KVR, and for excercise in absolute comfort.
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Off the Beaten Path
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The original packs were genious the way they attached the straps to the hip belt, now they make them heavier, case of can't leave well enough alone. That being said you may find something usefull. I've had no issues with quality, but they have deviated from their original purpose to go light.
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Headed for the Mountains
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I do really like their stuff; however, their trail shoes aren't durable enough (although if I could find them again I would buy them in a heart beat and reinforce them with leather). Best fitting shoe in the world. I loved their trail shoes so much that I had them repaired with leather patches from the inside on the toe box as well as the instep area. I promptly tore an even bigger hole in my left shoe on my next outing. I rock goretex socks so it didn't really affect me that much but I need to track down something in similar design but made with much more robust material. I really like the huge traction and the varying width inserts for their shoes. I rocked these shoes in the snow and through lots of mud. The problem was that the "ripstop" material in blue was too tight -- didn't flex enough or wasn't strong enough when my toe would snag on rocks and branches and they would consequently tear.
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I have mixed reviews from my friends that have used their gear. Some love it, swear by it, and won't look elsewhere. However, those that are tough on their stuff find it wilts under serious abuse.
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Hittin' the Trails
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I have the GoLite Slipstream 2010 hydration pack, i do like it, but I would really examine closely what features and how much durability you are willing to sacrifice for weight saving. the short zipper across the pack limits the usability so much I wouldnt have bought it if I had been able to physically examine it before I bought it.

I wanted the simplest, lightest hydration pack I could find and thats what I got.
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Summit Master
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GoLite Pyramid tents are full of win....great for both 3 and 4 season use. GoLite umbrella's also get my approval.
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Headed for the Mountains
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where can you try and buy golite products around vancouver?

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Hittin' the Trails
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I have a GoLite shell jacket, it's nice because it weighs practically nothing, so it's easy to throw in to your day pack and barely think twice about it being there, whereas I might not want the extra weight of my North Face jacket. However, it has no warmth, nor water resistance, so not very useful for when you need an extra layer most, and now lives mostly in my closet. I sometimes use it for cool morning jogs, or in summer day hikes where there's no worry of getting cold up high, just a little wind break if needed.

I recommend doing lots and lots of research before spending the bucks for GoLite. Read lots of reviews, see if there are other companies with similar products but more features. For instance, I absolutely love my MontBell light shell outer jacket. Barely heavier than the GoLite shell, but with a warm inner mesh, I was warm enough a few weeks ago on top of Mt Weart with a strong wind and some fresh snow. At 10 oz, it completely replaces a standard fleece jacket which are too heavy and don't pack well. And I remember doing lots of internet research to find and then buy that shell. On my next trip to REI I may have to look at some of their other products.

I also have a GoLite backpack. The top is quirky without a standard pouch, but part of why it's so lite. There is a front pouch on the bottom half to replace the top pouch. No padding on the hip belts, no lumbar support, no load lifters, this multi-day camping pack weighs less than most way over-padded day packs, and I must admit, I love the GoLite backpack. I use to get sore shoulders, not anymore. (or maybe I'm in better shape ) It's really nice for mountaineering when you dump most of your weight at the campsite, and you're not stuck with this almost empty heavy backpack to bag the peak with (or you bring an extra light day pack for the peak attempt, which is what I use to do!)

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Hittin' the Trails
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Location: North Vancouver, BC
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quote:Originally posted by bearbreeder

where can you try and buy golite products around vancouver?

I bought my stuff at some obscure dealer in a Seattle suburb. If you're not heading down to the US, you may have to order online.
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High on the Mountain Top
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Interest: Backpacking, trail running, spending time with my wife, kids, and dog.
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I have some Golite gear. I am not a fan of their frameless packs but I have one of their quilts, which is divine. The products are good, very light, and durable but heavier than the pure UL cottage makers' products. And rightfully so - they provide a lifetime warranty.

Golite products are not sold in Canada - you have to order online.
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Off the Beaten Path
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I don't own any clothes or backpacks from them.
However, I have GoLite winter sleeping bag. I think it's the best bag I ever had so far. I have my Ajungilak expedition bag from Mammut and I am not sure it's warmer than GoLite. Can't say.

I kinda like this centrally located zipper and should have one summer bag from them latter.

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Hittin' the Trails
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I have a Golite Shangri-la 6 tent with 4 person inner tent and find it fantastic. They use a hydrophilic thread that swells when it gets wet to seal the thread holes, means it should never require seam sealing. I have had it out in Banff under high winds and heavy rain and never had a problem, the tent has the right amount of tie out points and seems to be well made.

I also have a Golite Pinnacle pack and am very happy with it. I have carried loads up to 25 lbs with no problem and it is currently holding up well. I am not hard on my gear so I expect it will last. The Pinnacle was a good choice for me with lots of extra room for high loft winter gear and the roll top allows it to carry small loads as well.

I order all my gear online from Detour Gear Zone and have not had any problem with getting it to Canada although duty can sometimes be larger then expected. www.detourgearzone.com

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