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Default Anyone use the scarpa manta for trekking?

Does anyone use Scarpa mantas for general trekking? I'm trying out a pair of the escape right now, and both fit equally well. I would prefer to have the mantas' superior step kicking and edging abilities, but most of what I do is traveling on scree, talus, dirt and trails, and I'm not sure if the stiff mid-sole on the mantas will work out for that.

Like I said - they both fit indoors, I just want to know from manta owners how you like them for hiking approaches, preferably with heavy loads. I've been wearing the equivalent of 3/4 shank boots for years, but the fact that the old mantas were step-in crampon compatible (as opposed to my new-matic compatible boots) leads me to believe they may be stiffer.

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The Mantas are my regular boot right now. They're a few years old so they're without the gsb hole at the toe. I don't know if they changed the midsole (length or stiffness) along with the new gsb compatibility. I do use strap on crampons with them but as for stiffness for everyday wearing on hikes, it hasn't been a problem and they don't seem overly heavy. So, they seem fine for long trails and they have great support for off trail. I have to say though my feet love having them come off, but what foot doesn't like freedom?

The other big difference of course between the Escapes and Mantas is the goretex in the Escapes. Do you have a preference? I really like the Mantas but there've been a few wet snow days where I could have used some goretex. Not much detailed info here, but if you're just looking for happy customers, I'm one.
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The newer mantas have a different, much stiff shank in the midsole than the last generation. They are more of a mountaineering boot. The Escape is probably a better choice for trekking, but even it is a pretty stiff boot overall. Beautiful though. Given the thickeness of the Leather in the Manta, there is no way anyone would find them more "breathable" than the Escape with the GTX, but GTX provides complete waterproofing. I'd say go with the Escapes for what you're describing.
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