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trigger 10-12-2004 10:32 PM

What about air horns anyone use those[?]

"Anything is Possible"

LongShadow 10-12-2004 10:54 PM


quote:Originally posted by Marc

I tell ya' go away for one weekend and the whole place explodes. LOL!
Sounds like those who didn't get out this weekend managed to keep themselves entertained. LOL!
Ouch. I'll second that. Go away for a weekend and all hell breaks loose.

A couple thoughts. The idea behind the board is to try and keep it somewhat clean. That includes keeping alot of sales junk off. Getting spammed in a board is no different that getting spam in your mailbox. Everyone is sick of it. And the worst past about board spam is there is no spam checker. I have lost count of the number of posts that I have had to nuke in order to keep the board "somewhat" on topic. If we continually get dumped with various spam junk then people will loose interest alot quicker than seeing a fur fly a bit. Just have a look at some of the other boards that have virtually collapsed because of all the junk. Have a look at some of the USENET groups - even worse! Alot of them are just piles upon piles of advertisement and trying to find anything of use is next to impossible. Some of the new members who may also be somewhat new to the net may find some of the abraisive actions offensive. (And some of them were - I would agree that some of these comments crossed the line. If I had been around this weekend I would have locked the thread.) However, some who have been using the net (not necessarily CT) for some time see patterns. And the sales lead in is a classic one. I'm not going to start a debate as to whether this one qualifies or not - if I am suspicious, I usually do a little digging first and/or email the person to inquire before taking action. Obviously that is beyond possible at this point, so I'll just lock this thread to prevent further flare ups and/or insults. If you find something on the board that is out of place so to speak, please feel free to email me and I will try to deal with it. Obviously I can't be on the site 24x7 so some stuff will slip under the radar and a little note to me to check out a particular thread is probably better than launching an attack. I'll leave it to trigger and Matt to start some new threads on air horns and other bear banger brands if they desire.

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