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Default Backpack Advice

I need some advice on a backpack.

I'm looking at buying a new one to replace my old; and I don't know whether to go fifty-something litre or seventy-something litre.

My old pack is a "Serratus". It has no tags what-so-ever so I have no idea what size its or how much it holds. I've never seen a backpack with litre labels so I don't have any perception of how big a fifty-something or seventy-something litre bag is.

I'm entranced by the new Arcteryx NAOS backpacks. I measured my back like they said on the website and it turns out I have (around) a 51cm back. I'm 5'11 (1/2 an inch from 6') and have pretty wide/broad shoulders.

I'm going to live out of my backpack for this whole summer. I'm planning a hitch-hike trip from Kyoto to Okinawa. What pack size do you recommend? how much bigger does the 20L make the backpack? Will it be tough to get it into random peoples' cars?

While I'm making a post, I might as well ask about tents as well. Since I'll be living out of a pack for ~1 month, what kind of tent would you recommend? I'll be travelling with my girlfriend. Depending on price I could bring the tent back to Vancouver with me, and use it in the winter as well. Or I could get a cheap-o and auction it off when I'm done with it this summer/fall. I like a roomy tent so I'm thinking a 3 person tent. I've been looking at MSR Mutha Hubba, Sierra Designs (all 3 person tent models) and North Face tents.

Also Eureka, Black Diamond and a few other brand names I can't be bothered to remember. My girlfriend is quite small but if I have a giant pack, it'll be nice to have the extra room of a 3 person tent.

Which do you recommend for under $300usd? Consider also that I have to ship it out to Japan - and this costs about $40. >_<

I'm *really* kicking myself for not buying a Sierra Designs Stretch Dome. ( One passed me by for about 33,000yen. Which is about $300usd. >_<

Anyways I've digressed. Thanks for reading my post, and any advice is appreciated.

(I havent even started looking at cooking gear or any of that stuff yet).

oh, one last thing, what do you think of this deal (its kind of a camping starter kit, but seems suited for backpacking, and is about $100usd):
its in japanese and I can't read it either... sooooo yeah. your guess is as good as (but probably better) than mine.


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A 70L pack is a good average volume pack and you'll need that space judging by the type of tent you want to use.

Since you mention that you need these items shipped to Japan, have you considered any Mont-Bell products?

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Pack size is going to be difficult to determine without knowing how much gear you're going to be taking and what kind of gear it is (whether or not it's lightweight). How much clothing will you be taking? How much stuff do you think you'll be picking up on the trip?

With regards to a tent, the Mutha Hubba is quite roomy and has a trail weight of 6 lbs 12oz. Someone who recently bought one posted pictures on my website:

I own a North Face Heron 33 and have been very pleased with it. It's trail weight is only a tickle under six pounds and it's rock solid in windy conditions. I'd recommend it if you're not over six feet tall. I've done a mini-review of it with lots of photos at:

I've also recently purchased the Sierra Designs Antares 3 person tent -- this thing is a "real" 3 person tent (in that you can actually fit 3 full size regular Thermarests in it) and it weighs in at a couple of ounces less than the Mutha. I haven't had a chance to use this tent yet but will post something on my website once I've had a night or two in it.

Hope this helps.



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The Naos line are mighty expensive and feature limited packs. Their principle virtue is that they are waterproof. A garbage bag liner in any other pack is a good alternative if that is a major concern. Given your travel objectives, a pack with more versatility (pockets, lash points etc) is a good idea. 50 litres is too small if you are packing a 3 person tent plus all your other gear for extended trips: go for at least 70l.

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thanks for your advice everyone. I will probably go with a 70L then - and forget about the NAOS. My current backpack fell into the ocean (while inside a regular black garbage bag) and didn't take any water. So wrapping your pack up in a regular plastic bag really helps. Also I've seen deuter backpacks that have a rain-cover that comes up from the bottom. looks good. I'll need to do some research on what backpack to buy then - which one distributes the weight best, etc etc.

Tents: at 6lbs i don't think the mutha hubba is a very big load... I don't know I always carry pretty amateur gear. I've never really thought about weight, and just filled my pack up with my regular everyday stuff. I guess I should look into lighter-weight stuff if i'm going to be carrying a 70L pack.

The antares 3 person tent looks really good; and that north face heron looks good too. I have no idea what to think about tents. I've always used the ones provided by scouts canada - which weren't professional at all.

so i don't know. I'll read around a bit more and see how much I want to spend. I'm thinking $250 shipped. something like that.

i've seen mont bell products in outdoors shops - as well as deuter. they're reall expensive though. In a lot of cases, its cheaper for me to buy used and have it shipped from north america. even used in japan is expensive.

ah well. if you have any links to good tent/backpack/boots sites, they'd be really appreciated. ah sleeping bags too. and i dont understand portable stoves and what not. if there were some good articles. the ones ive read are just kinda all over the place - really short reviews... i don't know..

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quote:Tents: at 6lbs i don't think the mutha hubba is a very big load...
I'm not sure exactly what amount of trekking you are planning to do, but carrying a three person tent all by your lonsome is not something I envy. I carried a three man tent up to Garibaldi Lake once upon a time, not something I would ever repeat voluntarily.

However if you arn't scaleing any mountains and your total pack wieght stays managable then no big deal (though I found it akward and unbalanced).
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