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Default Mt. St. Piran

June 29 2014

My sister and I went to the top of Mt. St. Piran above Lake Louise yesterday. The view from the top was spectacular. I would recommend this hike just for the views alone, however it would probably be best to go up on a weekday to avoid crowds on the trail between Lake Louise and the Little Beehive.

The hike starts in the Lake Louise parking lot. It took a while to find a parking spot, I guess I showed a bit of naivety in underestimating tourist season. We followed the interstate, err I mean trail, up to Mirror Lake and then to Lake Agnes. Both lakes were absolutely beautiful but completely packed with people. From Lake Agnes we walked up past the outhouses towards the Little Beehive (note: there is a direct route between Mirror Lake and the Little Beehive but I wanted to visit Lake Agnes as well).

There is a sign at the trailhead for Mt. St. Piran that has been scratched out and re-written in sharpie. The trail was very wet and snowy above the treeline but the switchbacks make the hike up to the top very straightforward. The talus near the top was really fun to hike through, and quite interesting geologically speaking! The large, flat summit seems to have attracted many cairn-architects which helped us dodge the wind and snow as well as generating a pika playground.

We descended the same way we walked up. There is a different route along the Piran-Niblock ridge and down towards Lake Agnes, but we decided to stay away because of the amount of snow still on the mountain.

The population density on the North shore of Mirror Lake is greater than downtown Calgary!!

Lake Agnes was still partially frozen

The sign indicating the Mt. St. Piran trailhead

The switchbacks above the treeline, with a nice view of the Lake and the hotel

Fairview, Temple and the lake

Summit Photo

It was very entertaining watching this little guy run through the cairns

Summit Panorama

Also, a question for the community: are people interested in reading these kinds of reports, from routes than have been done many many times? Thanks for checking out the report!
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i read everything on the alberta side, always wondering how much snow is out there.
Thanks for posting i enjoyed your last few trips
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hey man, post away, you kept it short and to the point and we haven't heard of it, so its good to have this in our database.
Funny first pic, looks like all the tripod, pro guys are there to capture "the shot" which doesnt really exist at this location and time frame? or does it?
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You know what, while I have done all the trips you have posted so far, I enjoy reading them and looking at the pictures. I like reading other people's experiences and it makes me go look up my own photos, and read my own mountain journal entries from the same trips, and basically brings back good memories. Mt St Piran for example, I did over 10 years ago, actually did Mt Fairview in the morning and St Piran in the afternoon. Also, that Mt St Piran marking on the sign post I don't think was there 10+ plus years ago so it is interesting to see how certain trails, routes etc. develop.

So post away!

PS. Looks like a great way to spend a day with your sister. Trips with family are special.
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Please keep the reports coming! Great to get condition updates and see photos from around the Rockies.
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Definitely keep the reports coming. Things are always changing so it's good to see an "up to the minute" trip report. I'm heading to Lake Louise this weekend so it's of special interest to me. Thanks.
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