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Default Rawson Delight

I was asked once to name 5 favorite viewpoints in K-country. This subjective list is naturally mutable, as I discover new areas, but one spot will always persist: View of Kananaskis Lakes from that little ridge west of Rawson Lake

This is a favorite photo spot as well; I even got published for pic I took some 4-5 years ago from this spot. This time shots are not as good as there was bit of haze from this heat + I don't have my wide lens anymore; still it is as jaw-dropping as it will ever be. This is well known outing so I'll just mention Rawson Lake was busy beyond belief -- think 2 or 3 high-school groups were in. Day old bear scat in lower third of the slope; also spring runoff widened center gully leading up. Trail around upper K-lake still closed past Rawson turnoff (but many ignore it as side trail has developed around the tape). Few pics:

1- Topping up on the ridge. Little rocky nub at far end looks impenetrable from distance, but if you go close it can be scrambled; looks no harder than class 3. You can also drop on the side (elev loss ~100m), then it will be just a slog
2- One more classic
3- Steep slope to Rawson Lake. About 350m vertical
4- Zoom on very aesthetic Warspite-Invincible-Indefatiguable ridge

Couple more shots of upper K-lake from parking lot; it was very tempting to fritter away the afternoon right here!

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A little too much post processing in my opinion but you've made your point - fantastic area!
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i usually come here once a year on my birthday, one of my favorite hikes
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Really beautiful Mr.!!!! [][][]
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July 21, '16

3 yrs later from original post went up this way again, this time with couple of twists.

Walking around Rawson lake large group warned me not to head up because of bear. Undeterred I continued, but that avi slope is bear rich environment and sure enough as I rounded up the lake & was about to start ascent I saw him. Actually her -- sow with a cub, could spot them moving about 3/4 of the way up. Not in the ascent gully, but one drainage across to the right (where winter route would top up). 2 more hikers caught up so we proceeded, which was maybe not the smartest thing to do but we made lots of noise. We topped up without accidents; I went over & looked downhill but she was nowhere to be found. I did abandon plans to bivi on the ridge to catch the sunrise & hiked down; while walking back around the lake I could see them again up there. So if you go up this weekend, be careful.

Couple of pics:

[To me this is one of top 5 viewpoints I've seen in this life. And I've been around]

[Rawson Lake. Once sun sets behind Mt. Sarrail and crowds disappear you can have it to yourself, and it is pretty magical]

Side note: From the ridge could see Hidden lake; it seemed very low & I think you can walk around without problems.

Second twist: on the way back decided on a whim to follow Sarrail creek up (brand new spanking bridge btw, don't know when it was installed, wasn't there last November). I thought trail on right side would vanish but to my surprise it kept going, and it got better defined higher up. I followed for 1/2 hour -- this is not some animal or abandoned trail; it is very good, and in use. Can anyone comment on it? Is it some climber approach for Mt. Foch? I'd like to know.

Pic of Sarrail creek higher up; wish I had a tripod for this one

Full trip report with high-res photos, map and downloadable GPS track here
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Mid January '21

Wasn't planning on going anywhere, but as early afternoon brought some sunshine I thought I'd just drive along Hwy40 & maybe take some photos. Somehow I ended up at upper K-Lake & figured I'd go for a walk to Rawson Lake. This is very very scenic area and one of my faves, not just in Canada. Solid packed trail & I easily booted up leaving all gear in the car. There was snowshoe track going up in direction of Rawson ridge through the forest. Walked across frozen lake 2/3 of the way, but cold wind made me turn back. Sarrail cliffs impressive as ever! On return dropped to frozen upper K-Lake and walked across; this was the first & reminded me of winter crossings over Garibaldi lake on BC Coast. Couple of pics:

Click image for larger version

Name:	interlakes.jpg
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[View from upper K-Lake parking lot and I am always equally in awe regardless of season or how many times I've seen it. Mt. Putnik center left, Mt. Indefatiguable far right]

Click image for larger version

Name:	rawsonwinterpano.jpg
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[Walking across Rawson Lake towards Mt. Sarrail. Rawson Lake Ridge (or Sarrail Ridge, depends who you talk to) is upper center right]

Click image for larger version

Name:	upperklakepano.jpg
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[Walking across frozen upper K-Lake on return with last rays of sun reflected of Opal range]

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That first pic from the 07-22-2016 post is amazing! I must have missed it at the time.
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Thanks martin; that is well known viewpoint & that pic has been published in local guidebooks. I was dumb enough at a time to give it for free & the author even didn't find necessary to give me a free copy of the book afterwards. Now I'd charge $120-$150 for high-res copy
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