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mekon 04-07-2021 11:38 PM

Cypress uphill travel?
I'm wondering if Cypress is permitting--or at least ignoring--uphill travel (and then downhill, of course) now that they are closed for the season.

Anyone know?


martin 04-08-2021 09:43 PM

Someone I know skinned up the ski runs to Strachan chairlift summit Tuesday, no problems.

But skeptical me thinks Cypress will probably shut it down for "safety reasons" or something. Kind of surprised they haven't closed the road yet lol.

mekon 04-08-2021 11:12 PM

Good to know.

I realize I made a mistake: Cypress is still open for downhill--until 4/11 apparently. Only the XC is closed.
4-6 inches of fresh up top today. I was on foot with my pooch, and wish that I'd brought skis.

I doubt they'll close the road. I think everyone now knows that it's pretty hard to get sick being outside with no one around. ...

KARVITK 04-16-2021 07:39 PM

Would think they still keep access available for backcountry snowshoers.............and later the hikers.


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