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Default Looking for input on Louis Garneau BOA-equipped snowshoes

I have used my MSR Evos for a bunch of years and they are great for most things, but suck for breaking trail,especially with a pack. I don't imagine any snowshoes are magic, but in my theoretical search for something that has Traction AND Flotation, comes in at reasonable weight and at a price that's a bit more reasonable than the current sticker tag of the MSR Lightning Ascent 30s...I came across
Louis Garneau Everest. Which largely appear to be a MSR-like design, 27 inches in length, at a price just a bit more than Evos. The only catch is the BOA system. I did some research and I understand it's "quick,easy and convenient,and the wire is super strong". What I can't figure out is
#1 Short Term-how does the system do under demanding conditions? And how tough is the rachet if,lets say they get banged around in the trunk or accidentally dropped awkwardly for example? How tough are the wire guides and where the guides attach to the binding
#2 Long Term-how long until the rachet inevitably wear out?
If the system fails, I can foresee issues trying to do field repair, depending on what actually goes wrong... though if wire itself breaks, it's probably easy enough to temporarily replace with a piece of mechanics wire until you get home.If one of the housings breaks,that'd be a pain.
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I had a pair of LG snowshoes... Not the exact model you're looking at.

The Boa system has been around for ages now, its in snowboard boots, wrist supports, all sorts of things. I've had a pair of snowboard boots with the boa, I did get a wire start to fray but its super easy to replace and boa will keep sending you replacement cables for the life of the boot and I'm sure its the same with snowshoes. I ordered 2 pairs to keep one as a reserve. I've never had an issue with the ratchet failing or cable snapping.

What I have had an issue with is the rivets that hold the heel strap on the snowshoe on the LG snowshoes. I repaired one and when the second one failed I returned the snowshoes. I don't trust them and well never go back.

Just my opinion.
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