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I would still vote for the TSL - done appr. 10 trips now where they were useful (and maybe 3 where they were not needed and one where we should have brought them) - going down it also helps a lot that they are flexible. One could try size L perhaps but overall walking is also easy because they are not so large.
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Personally, I have no warm feelings towards "Suffer Slippers". It's inefficient, and I have only once ever been in terrain where they were handy.

All the same I've used them, and still have a pair of MSR Revos. They are fine. They do the trick. Don't buy the extended tails gimmick though. Handy if you're going straight up hill, but as the flotation is purely far behind your centre of balance they are useless on flat ground.

The main challenge with snowshoes is that you need to lift them up. And when wet coastal snow fall onto your shiny snowshoes that wet is doubled. A classic racket would be ideal since it allows excess snow to filter through, but sadly they are cumbersome, and lack traction on ice. So the Fimbulvter is one of the better call, though they lack heel lifts.
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Headed for the Mountains
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Once hiked with a group and one lady had just bought Fimbulvetr in store, the first greyish-white version. Great advice from the salesperson… she was pretty tiny, maybe that’s why, you should be a 2 m tall Norwegian guy perhaps. I would call them suffer slippers. too big, wide and heavy, bad binding, maybe improved, they slide a lot lacking spikes even on easy trails, snow accumulated also and she became completely covered in snow on her back while walking. She fell twice, walking two steps down a little hill (not a hill, just a step along the easy trail down from Chester Lake...) was complicated. Overall they were the worst snowshoes present that day. (we didn't even bring snowshoes and just hiked)
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