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scottnelson 01-17-2016 03:52 PM

21 Mile Creek user survey
he FMCBC 21 mile creek user survey is continuing this year for another season. If you find yourself skiing or snowboarding in the sproatt or rainbow areas please fill out the survey at Completing the survey only takes 1 minute. The survey is used to track the non-compliance of snowmobiles with the Twentyone Mile Creek non-motorized area.
Recently, the snowmobile community has been trying to educate it's members with signage etc. Monitoring is critical to determine if they are succeeding. If the new approach doesn't keep the snowmobilers out then a full closure of the whole Sproatt massif would be justified. So make sure to get out there this season and note where the snowmobiles are riding and report it in the survey. Please fill out the survey even if you didn't see any snowmobiles riding in the watershed.

Whistler Olympic Park is continuing with the parking only fee ($10 per car). Combine that with the recent improvements on the Hanging Lake trail and access is better than ever. With the most difficult part rerouted, the Hanging Lake trail is now certified intermediate friendly. And there is a great variety of ski terrain to choose from beyond Hanging Lake.

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