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Default Anyone up for a hike today? (hiking in the rain)

As I'm looking the rain coming down through my window, I'm thinking about some of the hikes We've done in pouring rain. Yes, I'm a nostalgic!![:I]
Does anyone want to share pictures of hikes in raining conditions?
Here are mine:

Hiking along the coast of Sanday Island, part of Orkney Islands, Scotland. We couldn't find any shelter, so we kept walking till the rain stopped.

A couple of hours later, the sky opened, the sun shone and we found this magical beach were we coud dry our clothes. Aye, funny wheather in bonnie Scotland!

Isle of Skye, Scotland. Our plan was to hike to The Quiraing, but we got as far as you see in the picture due to visibility impediments.

Bagging up Meall Nan Tarmachan. Scottish Highlands. Threathening clouds coming towards us, didn't caught us though.

In Scotland you have no option, you either sit on the couch the whole year and wait for a day without rain or take your butt out and enjoy getting wet. There is always a friendly pub close by where you can warm your soul up by a roaring fireplace and a Drambui...hmmm!
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