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Default Half-Pints First Overnighter -She's Awsome!!!

The summer is almost over and I had promised a certain little girl she would get to do an "over-nighter" with her dad, and some place real, not in the backyard again. I was originally going to take her to Strike for obvious (elevation) reasons, but I know how tough this kid is, and wanted to make it special. A place we could both experience for the first time. Joffre.
We left Sunday morning and arrived at the TH about noon. Here is Half-Pint at the start of the trip. (Note:She is a "Little House" junkie and has chosen "Half-Pint" for her CT name.)

If you ever get to meet this kid on the trail, you will love her. She has such a joyful spirit that even when she is cold and wet, she smiles.

Well...almost always.
"Look how cold my hands are, dad"

I gained a great deal of wisdom on this trip in regards to hiking with a pint sized pal, specifically with respect to outfitting them and increasing their comfort level, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful trip. (I met ChuckU and received valuable snippet of info. Thanks!)
I let Half-Pint set the pace, but still coaxed her on as a dad will do. We arrived at Upper Joffre just as the rain stopped. (Cue Vienna Boys Choir..."Hallelujah...")
We quickly set up the tent, and I made hot chocolate while Half-Pint changed into dry clothes and warmed up in her sleeping bag.

This pic is for Granticulas.

While eating our dinner we heard and saw a chunk o'glacier crash and thunder down the mountain. Very cool. After dinner we were invited to join our neighbours and their dog "Reeka". Half-Pint seems to always make friends where ever she goes.
We crawled into our tent around 8:30 for an old-fashioned, butt kicking game of "Go Fish". (I got my butt kicked.) After that, I was hoping we could talk for a while, but she was fast asleep.(Here's where you go "aahh")
(Side note: I decided to try a beeswax candle in my lantern this trip 'cause they apparently burn slower. Lit it around 8:30 pm, was still burning at 9:30 am. The extra warmth seems to have kept the condensation down considering the cooler night-time temps. Fresh snow on the mountain.)
Awoke to beautiful Sunshine! [8D](Sing with me..."It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright...sun-shiny daaay!)

Time to begin the hike out. After all, you've got school tomorrow. (Cue Vincent Price doing evil, evil, laugh.)
Note the "Zip-Lock" gaiters.

On the way out we met people from India, UK, Aussieland, Netherlands (whoo-hoo), Japan, Germany, and even Canada. Popular place on a sunny day.

Half-Pint checking out a "Grizzly Den"[:0]

This picture is open to interpretation.

Do Whiskey Jacks qualify as "Wildlife" of merely "Friends of the Little"?

Couple more Half-Pint shots.

One of the best views from an out-house.

Despite the lack of proper gear and wet weather the first day, she did GREAT! I was so proud of not only her tenacity, but her attitude. She was not going to accept any part of this trip as negative. I don't think I could have had a better hiking buddy. She is soooo looking forward to the next trip. (The seed has been planted.)

Oh, and Mick...this one's just for you!

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