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quote:Originally posted by dcongrav


By your interests in talking only about one brand of Bear Bangers and that your favorite WWW site is and other very obvious signs, it's pretty clear that you are in someway involved in that company and your "advice" is probably not very impartial.

Despite the foregoing, your e-mail address is supposedly NOT public knowledge. It is not published in your profile. I wonder how The Hiker found it out.

It's rather apparent that our personal information is not confidential but is given out to "friends" of the site owner. That is worrisome.

The Hiker, care to share with everyone how you determined what BBG's email address is.....

"All great truths begin as blasphemies." George Bernard Shaw
He found it out because I emailed him back and he emailed me I have nothing to hide about putting up my email address. Is there another brand of bearbangers should know about. And if you noticed thats under my "cool sites" not my web site, I think it's a cool site thats all.
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