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quote:Originally posted by Hiker Boy

First of all "I'm not your pal"

Secondly, Where warranties are concerned....Just to clue you in, CMS doesn't have the best rep here ok? Most of us shop at CMS for the convenience and the occassional sale, not for the stirling customer service they offer.

Thirdly, I couldn't give a damn if my launcher and my flares are made by two different companies, just as long as they work together...and whadaya ya know....they do!!!!!!

There have been many talks about bear bangers here in the past and Hiking Nut is definitely our resident expert. In the past, people here have gone out and practiced firing their bangers on Halloween night so as to not desturb their neighbors. Plenty have been fired off in the bush for practice on group trips as well. Anyone looking for a demo, basically just has to ask as there are enough of us carrying them. We hardly need a one trick pony who's main claim to fame so far is being a bear banger savant.

Selfpromoters are not welcome on CT..

"My favorite recreational drug is Ibuprofen"
I'm not playing games with you no more, your just a poo distriber! If you would like information on wilderness and conservation then just read, there is no need for smart comments. I am new to this and didn't mean to come over as promoting a product just have alot of experience with it and have heard alot of confussion about this in the field. If you were a real hiker you wouldn't be a smart azz and put up a real profile for your self J.O.
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