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quote:Originally posted by The Hiker

I have years of practical experience and can tell you they are of limited use in heavily wooded areas. They do serve a propose but, they are not your number one line of defence and should not be relied on.
Common sense is.
When you get the time use the search function and find our past discussions about this products. You will find firsthand accounts there.
Note * If you are selling them or have a friend that is, this is not a site for pushing products.This is a hiking site. If you want to pass on suggestions ,advise,and how-to tips, welcome.

"No Trail is Long with Good Company"

Thank you. As far as first hand accounts I have personally used this product and it is extremely effective. I have used every item in that line with great success. Ah yes common sense! You are correct. And as I have stated for the record I do not sell these or promote them, I'm just relaying the facts from hundreds of hours of this products usage and testing.Inthe feild most people have very limited knowledge about this product. Well I have the knowledge and am willing to pass it on to fellow hikers and wilderness fanciers in Canada.
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