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Thanks for the kind words guys.
I know to some, pets are just lesser animals in our care, and to some, pets can be hard to even consider having around at all, and some have them as actual life companions and family members.
We understand all aspects.

It certainly is quiet around here, no more walks around the neighborhood and open fields for a leg stretcher and private biz. No pet chores or hanging out and giving him a confident pat on the head.
The doggy beds are empty, the leashes lay on the floor, the truck has an empty tie down, a bag of high grade food sits untouched, some toys kicking around the yard..and the best hiking,camping weather is just coming up.

It will be hard to go backcountry, just us now.
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Really sorry for your losses. For those of us who's situation couldn't include a doggy but would want one, I think I can say your trip reports provided some kind of glimpse into having outdoor dog companions.

On the leash thing, my dog's collar was in one of my mum's drawers for about 20 years. It was more 'out of sight/out of mind' that it was held onto maybe, but it would have been hard to toss it back then and for a while. She asked me about it last year or so. For some reason I can't remember what the verdict was... so it's either still there or it isn't and that tells you that the hurt, of course, is gone and the memory will always live on.
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Nice eulogy that also speaks volume of what kind of people Gin and Pooh owners are.

A friend of mine also had a dog he rescued from SPCA as a puppy. Sometimes I hiked with them and had a chance to see what kind of human-canine bond can develop. In her old age she developed kidney failure amongst other problems, leading to same painful decision you had to make. What matters most life full of love spent outdoors where dogs are happiest. These are good memories that will stay with you for the rest of your lives.
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Gin was one of the first mountain dogs we met here and he, along with some others, set the standard.

So sorry for your loss you guys. You gave him an awesome life.

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top photos leigh
he was an all season dog, and fireworks and big cartridges that went boom were one of his faves at camp time, most dogs spook around fireworks and crazy noises, what a crazy character he was [^] one time he tried to eat, a large, lit firecracker! [:0]
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They were both beautiful dogs, sorry to hear of your loss.

I got to meet them first time on that hike (sans snowshoes) up to Mt. Laughington on News Year Eve ...perhaps 7 to 8 or more years ago.

What stood out most, was the small packs they were carrying that day trodding in the snow up the alder tunnel, an image I shall always remember.

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Aqua Terra and Spunky, it's obvious how much you loved Pooh Bear and Gin.

Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really.

Sorry for your loss.

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Shitty deal you guys. That really sucks.

Gin was my trail buddy, tent buddy and camp buddy on a number of occasions . I still remember the time I let him back into my tent in the morning at Cirque Lake, it had been raining and I expected him to shake the water off his fur, drenching me. He never did, almost as if he knew what would happen. He was a poster boy for exemplary dog behavior in the backcountry - no barking, no shenanigans in the tent, and always well-behaved - even chasing away other misbehaving dogs that wandered into camp trying to get into our food. He could not have had a better family than AT and Spunky.

He will be missed.


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quote:Originally posted by idealistic74

Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really.
Absolutely. The only solace I can think of is that since most of the time we will outlive our pets, we don't have to worry about what will happen to them if they outlive us. And that now there is room in our lives to welcome another animal that needs us. I say that as someone who also lost a beloved pet today (a cockatiel).
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