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g-larches 07-27-2021 01:49 PM

Bunion Surgery
Hi All
I thought I may have posted this before but my search did not end up with any results,so here we go ÖÖ. I have a bunion on my left foot big toe . It is at the point where Iím eligible for surgery free of cost ,Thank You Canada ! The bunion is the result of very flat feet and passed down through genetics apparently . The bone is buldging out to the right side of the left foot and the end of the toe has moved next to the first toe to the left. I have used custom orthotics in my footwear but itís still getting worse.

But as a very active person and hiker Iím concerned about the surgery . I have talked to the surgeon by phone (Covid Protocol ) and with photos and X-rays sent to him he is wanting to do a big toe fusion . I take it this is where the fuse the joint with a metal plate and screws as I have seen on the Internet .

I will be meeting with the orthopaedic surgeon in person in a month or so to go over the surgery .

Have any of you had this particular Bunion Surgery ? If so how long ago did you have the surgery ? How has the surgery worked out for you ? iIs your current activity level now back up to where it was before you had a bunion ?

Sorry for the questions but I donít want to have the surgery and not be able to be active without pain once the recovery is complete !
Hoping for detailed replies !
Thanks So Much !
g larches

zeljkok 07-27-2021 02:57 PM

I have exactly the same issue, left foot, bulging on right side, big toe shifted to left. Would post pic but it's too gross. It's been like that since I was a kid. Most of my shoes need to be thrown away before their time because of hole where bunion presses on boot material.

I am super active & further more I have now to deal with plantar fasciitis on same foot, probably caused by overall foot deformity. I will NOT do surgery; first, it is not guaranteed it will work, second it makes you unable to hike for longer time I am willing to accept. Third, as soon as you mess with something, you fix one thing but cause other problems.

Solution? Management. Right shoes. Massage. My aunt was a doctor and told me once to get into habit of gently rubbing it when sitting & watching tv or something. Maybe it's purely mental but I swear it helps. Wear inserts for plantar and compression sock; cured it back to almost 100%. Still able to hike, backpack,scramble, cycle, ski & walk daily at least 10km

xj6response 07-29-2021 11:56 AM

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The wear and tear on the feet after years of hiking climbing mountain biking gets to all of us I think at some point.

As Zeljkok says, complex solutions like surgery often lead to more problems than they were intended to fix. For arch pain and bunion pain, left foot I have found massage with a thumping massager helpful. Also the use of KT tape or theraband tape as a support mechanism is very helpful. Here is a picture.

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