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Default Begginer in need

This thread is gonna be pretty gruesome not sure where it should fall under but im gonna put it here

So me and 2 friends are planning a semi last minute backpacking/hitchhiking trip across Canada.
None of us have ever done anything like this before (just done some basic camping and hiking)
was just wondering if anyone could put me in the right direction for websites that would let me know everything I need
to accomplish this trip.

We are going to make our way from Sudbury Ontario to Banff and hopefully all the way to the Yukon with almost no money and only what we can carry.

We have some of the basics such as Tent, clothing, water filter, back pack, bear mace, cooking utensils, flash lights etc..

If there is any advice/knowledge you could provide this would be of great help

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This post sounds like a joke, but here goes...

Northern Ontario is tough for hitchhikers. If you're from there you probably know why. Hitching with 3 people will be very challenging (unless you're women). If you're seriously doing this consider the fact you may have to split up and meet again later.

If you have no money, how will three people who are burning tonnes of calories eat?

Don't be idiots and do things that give hitchhikers a bad name.

Sounds like the type of trip where planning an itinerary would be useless. Good luck! If you pull it off you'll have stories to tell for ages.
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Tough for websites.. you're hitchhiking but will likely walk a lot too. There'll be a lot of ultralight websites you'd want to look through. My main advice is get your pack weight low, sub 25 lbs before food/water,, and that includes warm layers and rain gear. You may also want to investigate what throughhikers do for food, because lightweight, cheap and on the fly shopping don't really go together well. Food will end up heavier than if you were prepping (and dehydrating) for a shorter hike.

Some websites to look at for gear (beginner site) (ultralight backpacking) (ultralight backpacking)

also food, just google through hike, appalachian trail, or anything similar, here's an example
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It's weird when you do hitchiking with 3 folks, lol. You should catch a bus instead and set up your tent outside if you want to save money for your trip.
Besides, you can find a host and stay with locals though this: It seems like you backpack for the first time so best wishes to you.

If you want to find some gears like backpacking solar charger, 10 person tent... or get better preparations before any outdoor adventures, visit my blog to find out!
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