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Hittin' the Trails
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Default Blisters

So I just completed a hike to Garibaldi Lake yesterday and that place is phenomenal. It's also the longest hike I have done to date and at around the last 3 or 4 km while heading back I started feeling some hot spots developing on my feet. I have not had an issue before with blisters before this hike so I'm assuming it just had to do with the length of it. I am aiming to do other hikes that are of similar length or longer so now my question is what does everyone do to take preventative measures for blisters?
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Hittin' the Trails
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were the blisters at the forefoot? I assume so if you developed them on the way down. Try lacing your boots tighter so that your feet are not sliding to the front of the boots much.

I wear proper fitting boots, good wool socks, and lace them up a little tighter for the way down compared to going up, and i have never had a blister anywhere on my feet.
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I've struggled with blisters a long time. I just recently found a solution that seems to work: Using a "liner" sock underneath my normal wool hiking sock. I saw this tip on a youtube video from thru-hiker doing super long hikes. It seems to work so far (did a couple 8hr hikes) and the liner socks are so thin and light that you don't notice any extra bulk or heat. The idea is that the friction/movement happens between the two socks instead of between sock and boot. Also the inner sock wicks the sweat away from the foot into the outer sock.

These are the ones I purchased:

Also always be sure to carry bandaids/tape or second skin pads so you can treat your foot when those hot spots first appear before they turn into full on blisters. A

Finally taking your shoes off so your feet can dry off any sweat when you stop for lunch is good too.

happy hiking!
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Hittin' the Trails
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Trail_snail they were on the forefoot and I did notice my boots were a little loose on the way down so I tightened them up. Need to pay more attention to that it seems.

Drie thanks for that link I will look into that some more. I did take my boots off and soaked my feet and legs in the lake a bit and did dry out properly, or so I thought, something else to think about.

Thanks for the responses
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Maybe you should try another hiking boots or lace your boots tighter if trekking or thru-hiking.

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I never had blisters until last year on one hot trip that then also rained. Ever since then I've been wearing Injiji liner socks (the funny looking toe socks) on hot days. Works great for me.
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Leuko tape. Seriously. This is the shit. This is what thru hikers use. Forget moleskin, forget liquid second skin, forget blister packs. Leuko tape. It is made for athletes and when it goes on it doesn't come off.
You need to put it on as soon as you get a hot spot. Don't wait. Better yet out it on before you start your hike.

Use liner socks, and when you take a break, takes your boots and socks off and let them air out a bit, if your feet are sweaty.
Take it from someone who has been battling, and finally, beat, blisters for years.
Liner socks, sock changes, leuko tape.
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