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Default hiking poles

I've used a ski pole for the harder hikes but was wondering how much more effective the authentic, telescopic hiking poles were. I know some have springs to ease the "polling" but they sure are expensive. MEC have prices ranging from $16 to $50 and most other stores are $60 to $225/pair . Does it really make that much of a difference asides from portability?
If so, what could you recommend as a good buy?

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I have used ski poles and they actually work pretty well. Now I use probably the most expensive of the lot, Leki Super Makalu's. The shocks sometimes help and sometimes they are a nuisance. My first trekking poles were some REI ones but I had some trouble with corrosion with these poles and the segments stuck together. My second set of poles were Komperdells and they had a nasty habit of collapsing at critical moments. The Komperdell baskets were really hard to exchange too although they had the best sno basket for winter. I finally settled on my Leki's and aside from occassional shocks squeeking, they have worked well.

See you on the mountain!
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I'd have to second Hiker Boy's nomination for the Leki's. I have found mine great as well. I especially like the angled handle as well - easier grip at 15 degrees than straight up and down. ehehe the shocks do squeek, but aren't too bad. Kinda nice when wanting to almost launch yourself. They also have good warranty. Leki just recently replaced a pole that I bent - for free! I know Jimbo uses Outbound. They also have shocks and angled grip - and are 1/2 the price.

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Ditto for the Komperdell's . I bought a cheap set from M.E.C. for about $35 and got blisters from the hard grips . I then installed softer rubber but the same thing happened to me.Several times at the worst possible time they collapsed. I bought a set from Coast Mountain /with shocks called Gipron. They were $100 for the pair and worth every penny! They have a great locking system and have never let me down in the 1 1/2 years I've had them. I guess it like the old saying. "You get what you pay for".The grips on these are not angled but are very comfortable with a wide strap and are easy to hold onto when your hands are sweaty or wet.

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Yeah, I've got the outbound endurance 3's (http://www.outbound.ca/outdooraccess/endurance3.html).

I'm really pleased with them... they've never collapsed on me - even though I've collapsed on them a couple of times!

They were about $45 each, if I remember correctly.

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I have the REI Summit poles: http://www.rei.com/online/store/Prod...ory_rn=4500557

Seem to work for me! And a couple of months ago when I fell and bent one of them REI replaced the part immediately, no questions asked.

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I used to get blisters from the straps of my trekking poles (you're not supposed to have a strong grip on the handles but use the straps to support your weight) until I started using fingerless cycling gloves from MEC. The gloves also keep me hands from being scratched up when I'm bushwacking.

See you on the mountain!
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I've used the Croli approach poles sold by MEC for $35 a pair a few years back and had great success! They have angled grips, are sprung for shocks, and generally have been used and abused quite a lot. I also use them for my tarptent as poles...I even redesigned the tent so I could use one of them at the back. They're pretty simple with twist locking of the segments.

The Leki poles are outrageously priced, I'd look around for something similar but half the price. There's enough variety for that.


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I have had several pairs and find they collaspe on steep trails or are hard to adjust after awhile. The best I have found are the Black Diamond with the Flicklock mechanism. They are great since you don't kill your wrist like the others when you try to un twist them. All you do is flick the lock and slide to adjustment. Sell around $50.00 each and are at MEC or Coast Mountain. I got mine on sale last spring for $35.00 each.

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I saw a pair that had the spring/push button thru the hole adjustments once. I wish I would have paid better attention as to brand etc as my twist locks have collapsed on occassion also.

Anyone have a lead on the brand?

Thankin you


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