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Headed for the Mountains
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Default Backpacking Pack List

Wow, it's been awhile since I've logged into this site. Glad to see it's still going strong. Now that I've got a bit of freedom from the kids I'm getting back into hiking shape and looking to hit Berg Lake in September. What I wanted to ask the forum was does anyone have any good list's they use to ensure they've packed everything? I thought I had one and will make one again but wanted to "crowdsource" to ensure I don't forget anything. It has been awhile

Thanks in advance.

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Off the Beaten Path
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Welcome back TheDeputy! I break my list down into categories. This is from memory.

Clothes on my back:
Quick-dry pants, long-sleeved Merino wool top, boots, gaiters, etc.


Sleeping bag and mat
Shelter and pegs


Stove and fuel
Pot and spork


Goretex shell
Down jacket


Travel toothbrush/floss
Toilet paper
Extra ziploc bags


Map and compass
Duct Tape
Pristine drops
Small knife
Assorted medications (Benadryl, Pain meds, Gravol)
Alcohol wipes
Bandages and gauze
Bear spray, bangers/flares
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Headed for the Mountains
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How many are going , we set up as a group for 10 if you need info for food as a group just email me. We do our own food to cut cost......
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Headed for the Mountains
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Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Interest: I love to Hike and Backcountry Hike. In the winter I love to Extreme Ski
Posts: 145

Thanks @dav1481. I did some looking after I posted and found some lists to accompany what you indicated. Now since it's been so long I need to make a little trip out to and see what I can buy
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My clothing system for three season backpacking:


Short sleeved technical button up OR shirt. I like this as I can wear it when it's warm, it dries super fast, has a collar, and even looks okay...

I wear a spandex short as my bottom base layer. Keeps everything where it should be.

Then a zip-off synthetic (quick dry) pant.

Merino wool socks

In my pack:

OR Helium II waterproof breathable shell jacket. This thing weighs 140g in size M and is AMAZING. No pit zips or big pockets or other heavy features. Breathes about the same as Pac-Lite, and seems pretty durable. Mine has seen two hard years and is in great shape. Always in my pack now...

I have some full-zip Gore-Tex pants I also bring. Then, if it's pouring or super muddy, I use these gaiters. Super light, go on in seconds, and plain work. I didn't use gaiters for the longest time, then these very light ones starting hitting the market, and now I bring a pair.

My intermediate layer is the VERY breathable OR Radiant Hybrid Hoody. It's not the lightest fleece jacket, but really works well. I use it all the time, in all seasons. It's super durable. I love that in the cold of the morning, I can put this on and be moving and keep my temperature perfect. During ski traverses, this was an invaluable layer.

Then I have the classic Patagonia down jacket as my insulating layer. Combine the fleece and the downie, and I'm good fine while milling about camp in the morning or before bed. I can add or subtract the Helium as wind protection is needed.

Then I have two pairs of gloves. One a thin fleece glove that I can wear while cooking, etc. And then a heavier glove for the morning. And a touque and ball cap.

Sounds like a lot, but I use every piece on every trip, and it all works. Takes me from the cold of the morning to pulling hills in the heat of the day.

Other odds and ends I might take:

Spoon, knife, lighter/matches/fire-starter, first aid, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, toilet paper, Pristine Drops, platy/nalgene, "night kit" (contact solution, case, glasses and spair contacts)

Then the big systems:

Sleeping/Shelter: Sleeping bag, pad, tent
Cooking: Stove, pot, mug (maybe)

For my three season Rockies bag, I use a -7C down bag.

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High on the Mountain Top
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Dav's pretty much covered all the bases..

I'd just add: GPS, camera, trekking poles, stuff sacks for food, bug spray, extra socks, some means of treating water (uv pen, chemicals, ceramic filter, etc), extra batteries for camera and other devices, head lamp and a spare light source, whistle, fire starter and tinder (magnesium block and striker and/or lighter + dryer lint or vaseline-infused cotton balls), aspirin, spare water bottle(s) (just in case platy springs a leak), sandals (for water crossings, kicking back in camp), extra base layer shirt and pants for sleeping in at night (if in shoulder seasons or winter), Camp Suds, hand sanitizer, candle.

But that's me..
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Scaling New Heights
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Add a silnylon tarp with para-cords for quick shade/rain shelter day or multi-day use; goes with me everywhere I hike and have used it many times for undesired emergencies.

Solo: Aqua Quest 8'x6'
Solo + 2 max: MEC Scout
Multi: Kelty Noah 12 (12'x12')

I don't think my Kelty tarp is 2lb as I am also happy to carry it for group hiking. It is very spacious capable to fit 11 youths and 2 adults under it for a passing rain storm.

Add a light system. I usually carry a blinker (MEC Turtle light) and a Princeton Tec Fuel headlamp.
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Headed for the Mountains
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no mention here of a "Spot"(or equivalent) emergency transmitter. I always carry one regardless of whether I'm out for 10 hrs or 10 days.
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