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You might not have got a video of sliding on the snow pack, but I got one about 2 days ago that I can share. It's short and not high quality since I took it on my digital camera, but it documents the fun that is to be had sliding just past table mountain.

We hiked along the ridge for a while and slid down to the second little glacial lake that you pass on the right side of the trail. Drew had a garbage bag, but he lost it on the ride... I just used my butt. It was so hot that I dried out in about 10 minutes. Climbing back up was a bit of a pain without gloves and ice axes, but it was still lots of fun apart from the freezing fingers.

The video is in quicktime... you can watch it here (about a 2 meg download)

I wanted to post some pictures too, but I couldn't get them to resize to thumbs... HTML is off so I can't just code it in. I'll figure it out soon enough I guess.
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