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From a software management perspective, it's usually more efficient to upgrade to the latest version/software rather than constantly fixing what you have. So I can understand it if the new owner(s) aren't fixing problems immediately after taking over.
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Moderation and bug fixes are entirely separate issues. I'm not positive more "features" are needed, but a better image uploader would be great and faster, more stable, less buggy is always nice.

The moderation issue is different, that's the human side not technological.
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post #153 of (permalink) Old 11-08-2014, 04:31 PM
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The orange trail wiki button is failing because Jim had it configured to use custom banner ad management software (ABM). Basically we had a friendly disagreement about site design, and he wanted to test to see how many people clicked the button. That's where the ABM software came in.

I imagine that after ClubTread moved to the new owners & web host, the ABM software didn't follow with it. Simple fix, just remove the button or modify it to link directly to the trail wiki.

I told Jim a long time ago that all web forums hit critical mass at a certain point, where the more... vocal users start to weigh down the site and push away the good content. In my opinion the site crossed that mark about three years ago. It would take modifications to solve that problem, likely bubbling the good content, TRs, and trail discussions up to the forefront.
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Outstanding comment ShadowChaser - didn't know the details, but couldn't agree more. In particular about 'critical mass' and 'bubbling of good content'. I'd probably consider anti-spam issues: 100 reports in calendar year from single user from same destination (i.e Wedgemount or Joffre) waters down 'good content' and degrade the site. This is easily solved by basic moderation though.

Problem is that since takeover there is no 'Jim'; and despite VSAdmin promise that new management is 'working on new software', fact is that things have deteriorated. Where will it end up, it remains to be seen.
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