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Default Moderation & Ignore Button - Feature Launched

I thought I would cross post here in case it is lost in the other thread at:

I'll lock this thread. Any discussion can be on the other one.


I've read the thread over carefully and also I spent some time last night looking at other forums. It appears that the ignore function is quite common on new builds of forums now. Probably for good reason, and members here who are members on other forums as well have undoubtedly come to enjoy that feature.

Moderation is a tricky thing. Finding the balance between moderating too much and being stifling to the community, versus ensuring that things remain healthy overall. If it were cut and dry, it would be fairly straightforward process... but more often than not someone has had a falling out with another member and they are more sensitive than others for some posts. Or they are passionate about some topic that someone hasn't shown the same sensitivity to. So where do I moderate in cases such as those? I know there are probably obvious cases, but who's to know? In the past, there have even been some members that I've banned who were a complete disruption in my opinion (and I have a high threshold for this), yet after doing it I would receive a surprising set emails from various members asking that they be reinstated. Goes to show you can't please everyone...

Same goes for the ignore button. For myself, I don't plan to ignore anyone, but that doesn't necessarily mean that others on this board feel the same way and I respect that.

So here's what I am proposing:

1. Up the level of moderation.

2. Have the ignore function and give it a try.


As you can all appreciate, moderating every single post, especially in the summer, is quite a challenge. Given the volume of posts, I rely on people letting me know when something is going on. If things are getting too aggressive on some posts, or if the posts violate the forum guidelines, I would request that people message me (either PM me through the site, email me directly, or use the report spam function). This greatly helps me out. I know many of you do this already, but please don't stop.


As a little experiment, I have spent some time implementing an ignore function. You can add a user to your ignore by going to their profile and clicking the ignore link at the top. From then on, posts will not show, however you will get a link to view their message in a popup or un-ingnore if you so choose. I would hope that if you do ignore some people that you might take a few moments and drop me an message (either PM me through the site, email me directly, or use the report spam function) so I can get a better understanding of what is happening in the community and deal with it holistically if it is a broader problem.

Thanks everyone. Appreciate your participation and passion!

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