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Default Tire requirements on Sea-to-Sky

It recently came to my attention that either snow tires or chains required on Sea-to-Sky after Alice lake and that there is actually a police check point.
I googled it, but info was little contradictory and somewhat outdated:
"Although it is recommended that motorists equip their vehicles with winter tread tires for travel on mountainous highways an all season tire with a "M&S" rating on the sidewall will suffice... The other option is to carry tire chains."

"If stopped at a check, drivers who haven't installed winter tires or chains could be asked to turn back and may also face a fine."

I've been driving to Whistler quite a few times every winter with just all season tires and nothing else. Was I just lucky? Are snow tires/chains required? Anyone has been stopped at the checkpoint?
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Regardless of the checkpoint, you should have winter tires. There is no comparison b/w true winters (especially studded) and "all seasons" (aka crappy in all seasons) There is ~1 sq.ft of material holding your life onto the road. I'd say its work a few hundred bucks. Cost me $500 for 4 good studded snow's on my truck, which really isn't much considering how long they will last and the consequences of not having them.
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I don't think it's a permanent requirement. unlike heading east where it's required between certain months. I think they put temporary restrictions on bad days. but I could be wrong.

I bet most of that traffic doesn't.

also the M&S part is a little confusing. M&S arn't snow tires. snow tires have the mountain and flake symbol. if the sign says "snow tires required" I don't think M&S would suffice
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I believe the requirement for winter tires or carrying chains is permanent but it's only enforced when there's snow on the road.
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I lived in Whistler for a couple years (years ago mind you) and never saw a roadcheck for snow tires. That said, it wouldn't surprise me to see one now.
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Roadblock during snowy conditions is usually just north of Squamish, to turn people with no winter tires or chains back to Vancouver.

I recall reading in the Pique recently that Whistler (the town) tried to have the Sea-to-Sky designated a "mountain highway" that would require winter tires or chains during Oct-Apr (like Duffey), but was rejected. Concern was that this would decrease the tourist traffic.
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quote:Roadblock during snowy conditions is usually just north of Squamish, to turn people with no winter tires or chains back to Vancouver.
yup right at the sign that says the above, ive seen them at Cypress and Seymour as well.

You cant even drive in the city in snowy conditions, if you get into an accident with poor tires then you can be put at partial blame by ICBC
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They often have a roadblock like that on the Hemlock Valley road when it's snowy
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There are certain highways in the Province that you must have snow tires on in order to travel on. If you are stopped without them, you can be ticketed and turned around. I imagine if you go on the highways website you can find with highways they are manditory for.

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They stop cars during really bad conditions after Squamish usually during weekends. I haven't heard of them being there yet this year. There were really on the program before the olympics last year.

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