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Scaling New Heights
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It's open but not very appealing to me. The beer isn't cold. Normally that day you do the little boat crossing at Nitinat Narrows. You can have fresh fish there - 25 Dollars, a bit small for that but: tasty. And: cold beer. Worth a second breakfast. Afterwards no need for more Hamburgers.

The best thing about Chez Monique is probably the hiker box. Full of fancy stuff like these expensive Backpacker Pantry meals. Don't pack a lot of food - you'll find a lot along the way, sometimes also in a bear box.
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Hittin' the Trails
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Originally Posted by Kokanee75 View Post
Don't pack a lot of food - you'll find a lot along the way, sometimes also in a bear box.
The only 'free' food I saw in the bear boxes was moldy trail mix and half eaten Clif bars. Someone who followed the 'Don't pack a lot of food' advice helped themselves to a couple Mountain House meals out of my friend's food bag. Not cool. Bring enough food!
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Scaling New Heights
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"A lot" is not the same as "enough". ;-)
I would calculate more "tight" - people tend to bring way too much. I regret not having tried some of the packages and ziplocs along the way. We would have survived with our breakfast (even though oatmeal-packages can be found, just don't like them), less bars and for dinner check what was left behind in the bear box.

I collected a little toothpaste and two smaller empty (Thai sauce mentioned on the tag) Nalgene bottles from two different bear boxes, just because I thought useful little things for the future. Unfortunately we had a bit too much food ourselves, carrying even food for the following hike - where we met the couple that was so wise to try backpacking along the Juan de Fuca Trail before hitting the WCT the following week (which is harder in the middle than any West Coast Trail section with the many ups and downs - so perhaps they gained again a false impression but learned on the first day: we packed too much food).

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Speaking of living off the left-overs "found" in food lockers; anyone recall the the Seattle fellow that bandit'ed the trail with his dog the year all other BC hikes were closed due to fire hazard? It was hilarious and tragic at the same time as we kept pace with him for the week. In order to avoid the rangers he dumped most of his gear, all of his food, and carried his dog inside the backpack. This led to reports of missing food and a full-scale search for the culprit. We were in boat with him crossing Nitinat Narrows and only discovered on the other side his dog was inside the pack with its mouth taped shut!! Someone informed the ranger he was on the boat when it was half-way across and they called for it to come back, but the kid passed his last $20 to the operator who pretended to have radio problems. We last heard of him from the bus driver who described a scruffy young guy with a dog that begged a ride back the day before.

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Hittin' the Trails
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respect the purists who would rather there be no cantinas on the trail. But I liked them. Liked them a lot

we planned our hike to camp at Carmanah heading west. Thus we got burger lunch at moniques when we arrived, a couple beer and a bottle of wine to lay in the sun the rest of the day. and breakfast next day at Moniques followed by lunch again at Nitinat cantina (no beer, as we had still an hour to hike). nice break after doing 2 days of steeple chase trails and mac n cheese from Gordon River!

still, ended up with 2 days extra food by the end. Which is about right as a safety buffer imho

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Scaling New Heights
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Is it open this year?
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