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Default The Rules for Dating a Dirtbag

quote:It's a singular feeling when you're 33 and talking to your mother and she says, “You know what I think you should try?”

Then there's another feeling when you say to your mother, “Well, Mom, I had this weird feeling about meeting women and telling them I live in a van full of climbing gear, but then I realized I really only am interested in women who could be interested in a guy who lives in a van full of climbing gear. If that makes any sense.” I think my mom is really proud.

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Yeah, when you tell your significant other that you're going to use your limited vacation time to fly half way around the world to some romantic place and climb something that isn't her, you're definitely testing (or killing) the relationship.
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HA! This seems all to familiar..
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And then when you do date a climber, this shit happens:
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Theres nothing better than sharing the backpacking load , camp set-up and alpine sunsets with one you love. As long as they aren't dirtbags.[}]
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ROFLMAO... had to hit the mute button on the boring conference call I'm stuck on, as I got the giggles reading and watching that...
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Conversations when your significant other has NO clue about hiking...she said....

What do you need that, for? You already have lots of maps. $$$$

Why do you need two camelbaks? You shouldn't be going somewhere that requires THAT much water.

I had a dream that you fell in the careful on your hike today honey. I just have a weird bad feeling. (pre-dawn kiss goodbye!)

How should I know if it was a poisonous spider. Yes, the bite is red...but you keep messing with it and it is getting redder. Do you want to go to the E.R.???

70 dollars for a flashlight? tactical light? good luck finding a battery for it....
she was right, there...shhhhh

why do you need TWO hiking poles? I never saw two poles for sale before. those guys who make those fancy wooden poles don't make em in pairs. Why not get a set of cheap ski poles at the 2nd hand store.

Please don't tell me you took my MUSTANG on a dirt road? what were you thinking?

But, she knows I love it. I love her more, though....that's what counts. So, I will shed the gear, the spf shirts, take a shower, shave, and take her to Vegas tomorrow for dinner and a show..... Besides, opposites attract. hehe

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