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Default Larch-O-Rama, Bugaboos, Jumbo Pass

Ahhh, the 12 hour drive from Portland to the trailhead is a mind-number, but a trip to the Purcell Range in BC is more than worthwhile, especially when the journey coincides with larch season.

As we drove north, autumn color became more pronounced.

We arrived at the Bugaboos trailhead and prepped the car to protect it from porcupines, who LOVE to chew rubber hoses and belts.

It's easy to get motivated to begin the hike up into the Bugaboos.*

The trail is steep, but scenic and safe, with ladders, chain handrails to ease any discomfort with the mild exposure in a few spots.

Bad weather rolled in after we reached the spacious Conrad Kain Hut, where we stayed for 2 nights at $25 a person/per day.* It's deluxe, with hydroelectric power, a hut custodian, etc.* If you cherish privacy and are* averse to late night snore-fests, a tent camp may seem a better option, but this late in the year, it was great to duck in out of the weather.

We awoke to fresh snow and made a trek up to the heart of the Bugaboos when the weather cleared a bit.* It was cooooold until the sun came up for good.

Weather was up and down for the two days, but the larch trees were near peak and the mountains were spectacular, always.

We bombed out of the the Bugaboos and drove a couple of hours south to the Jumbo Pass trailhead and made a quick haul 2300' up to Jumbo Pass as evening set in

The cabin at Jumbo Pass was super cozy for the 6 of us.* Dawn was chilly, but the sunrise views were incredible.* It's a perfect base camp for exploration.

All in all a great trip, yes a long drive, but the Purcell Range is one of the relatively unsung hiking destinations in the West.* If it was in the U.S, there would be a crowds and strict permit system for a spectacular location such as this.* Ah, the blissful quiet of the BC mountains.
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Thanks for sharing!! Haven't been there yet but have to make sure of it next year.
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Stunning area. Thanks for sharing!
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Good god! Hydro at the Kain hut! Well, that's not going to keep the riff raff away.

What a great trip. You really scored in the shoulder season. Ten years ago we spent five nights at the Kain hut and saw only two other souls the whole time. And one of them was from Kansas. I thought those days were gone. I guess not. Some really nice photography.
Worth the 12 hour drive?
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OOO so pretty, we were hoping to get to Bugaboos Trail again this year but the summer was just too short. Thanks for the eye candy.
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great pictures man !!! looked like a great trip
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Motivated +=1
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Great photography. [8D][8D]

Thanks for the report.
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spectacular mountains!
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Picture 5/6 are quite the display of colors! Looks like a blast despite the conditions.


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