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Default Change of plans on Slesse 15 July 09

I originally decided to go check out the propeller cairn and maybe do a bit of rock hounding. I was under some time restraints so set off as fast as I could.
Just after this sign I noticed the start of a new trail heading down into the right hand side of the bowl-

It's hard to control my curiosity so an internal argument started-new trail or propeller ?
but first I wanted to go to the memorial to check out the bowl. I could not believe what I saw at the memorial -

What kind of a person would build a fire pit complete with garbage, shotgun shells, melted bottles etc right next to a memorial? A complete lack of respect for the people that died there and their reletives, I cant imagine how a family member would feel if they came apon this. What a-holes! I had no way of packing this out so used the rocks from the firepit to bury the complete mess out of sight in the underbrush. I dug in my pack for some water and made another discovery- I had forgot to pack my lunch!
Looking down into the bowl the snow is quickly melting - wont be long before it's time to go exploring again. I checked out part of the trail that starts just to the left of the memorial that heads down there and it was fine.

Being lunch-less I decided to check out the new trail rather then continue to the propeller.
The trail is steep in spots but easy and comes out by a nice stream. I had to take my boots off to cross, that water is COLD!

After you cross the stream the trail continues for a bit but just after a log crossing the flagging stops and it's a real bush whack- I pushed through for about 10 mins but it was a lost cause so returned to the creek.

I cant wait to re-check this trail when it's completed. At the creek I ate my four power bars and a large bag of trail mix. I'll be craping pea nuts and raisins for weeks LOL (Sorry, my humour gets away from me sometimes).
I was on my last power bare when Janice(Kanike) and her friends Karen and Peter showed up, it was great seeing Janice again and meeting her friends, I hope I see you all again soon on the trails.

Take care but have fun, Ed
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Thanks for sharing Seeking, weird why that trail has been cut, and I wonder by whom.
I can't believe someone would light a fire right beside the memorial plaque, that is total disregard, and disrespectful. Perhaps they are burning the wood from the trail cutting.

Hopefully nobody else lights fires there again.
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Thanks Ed, looking for you to satisfy my curiousity when you revisit that new trail again. Unbelievable someone would shamefully disrespect this site in such a thoughtless manner.

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ED, like your pics. I would have been very disturbed to arrive at the memorial plaque and come across the awful firepit in front of it. Thank you for your hard work in cleaning it up. Nice to see you and I'm sure we'll meet on the trails again and soon. (now I know your truck, I won't have to guess who's ahead of me on the trail).

Aces: I would also be curious to know who's been starting the new trail! Have you seen a few bears up Slesse? The only "wildlife" we saw was Ed. A few grouse as well.

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Very nice, Ed. Good on you for cleaning up! But you and everyone else shouldn't have to. Some people should not be allowed outdoors at all!!

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I can solve the new trail mystery. I was up at the Memorial a few weeks ago (no, not responsible for the fire pit ... it was there then), and we were talking to the guy who was cutting the trail. It is for mountaineering access - don't know the details, but apparently it will save a long long slog out on a logging road after climbing in a certain area on Slesse. No doubt the climbers on Clubtread will be able to explain exactly what it accesses.
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It sounds like it might be the 'Crossover Descent' trail from the summit of Slesse. I strongly doubt that the guy who's working on it had anything to do with the mess.
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That's it, crossover descent.

He was a super nice guy, I'm quite sure he was not the fire culprit.
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When I was up to propeller cairn about 4 weeks ago, we saw the group that was camping there, 4 guys from Vancouver and one of them had a shotgun on his shoulder..along with some pots and after coming back down, myself and Sheena picked up a few shells, from what we saw scattered around, but obviously we missed some...ya, it was a mess...
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Good work cleaning up the mess Ed, I don't like finding shotgun shells with their associated fire pits and beer cans. You can just picture the whole debacle - first we drink beer, then start fire, then shoot gun, we smart. I liked your update on Elk too, looks like you're in great shape

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