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GoldPanning B.C.

Does anyone here gold pan or would like to learn about it talk to me! I maybe young but I'm also full of knowledge. If you have been gold panning please share it with us we would love to here the excitement.

10 steps to improve your finds while gold panning!

1) The golden rule GOLD IS HEAVY in other words it will sink down in the creek bed in till it hits bedrock (the rock bottom of a stream or any where else on the earth) gold also maybe caught on false bedrock (false bedrock is usually a clay that has is very tough its soft so it won't shatter and compact enough thats its hard to get through) I don’t mean to say that’s where you have to dig to find gold but that’s where the bonanza’s are.

2) Look for large rocks and boulders preferably flat.

3) Gold will collect on the down stream side were the water slows down creating a vortex.

4) Make a vision of what the High water mark is that gives you an idea of where the gold is. You may have a small amount of water running through a creek now, but during a flood gold could be deposited up above leaving it high and dry by summer.

5)Moss is also a good place to check, think of when the water is all muddy and brown during a flood the amount of gravel going over that moss is enormous, so just by panning some moss you MAYBE able to tell how much gold is really in the area.

6) KEEP your options open and don't just stick to one spot.

7) If you do find gold but it’s very fine like flour move on up stream.
A piece of gold the size of a grain rice by weight, weighs more than all the flour gold you can pick out in a days work!

8) Black sands are an excellent sign of mineralization in the area, so keep your eyes peeled.

9) Up rooted trees may expose nuggets from the stream bed that were inaccessible before.

10) Ancient streambeds: over thousands of year’s water wore down through the valleys leaving old parts of the stream high and dry which could hold the next bonanza.

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Well first of all you will want a pan (preferably plastic black or green)
A shovel would be smart as well. Before you head out you might want to make sure that it’s ok to pan that creek (watch out for claims or you’ll have one un-happy prospector on your tail). So please check at the gold commissioners before you head out. You will only be able to do recreational panning (using a pan and a shovel only) unless you have a free miners certificate. Learning to pan is also very easy its self.

How to Gold Pan by Jared_bc.

Now that you know where to look I will teach you 5 basic steps.

1) After locating your pay dirt, fill your pan ½ to ¾ depending on the individual. Now find a nice spot on the creek were the water is moving relatively slow.
2) Now submerge the pan under water (if the water is cold put on some rubber gloves) now start vigorously shaking the pan, not so much that material is flying out everywhere. Now start to slow down into a slow circular motion.
3) Remove large rocks on the top make sure they are completely washed with no dirt remaining them. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to get the smaller rocks to the surface, and then discard them.
4) Panning of light materials. Hold the pan below the water and tilt slightly opposite of the body. Using a slight tossing motion begin rotating the sands from side to side. Proceed carefully so as not to lose any of the finer gold, but as to remove some of the lighter sands over the lip of the pan. Bring the pan up out of the water every so often and give it a few shakes and swirls as to settle the gold back in the pan.
5) Now that you have gotten rid of the bulk you should be left with blacks sands colourful specks also known as concentrates and even maybe some of that precious metal gold! Now take the whole pan out of the water leaving about an inch or 2, swirl the concentrates around pick out any piece of gold large enough to be nabbed with your fingers or tweezers. Place this gold in a vial filled with water (must be water tight!) what ever is left should be saved and panned very carefully at home or can be put into a Concentrator which will leave you your fine gold.

If you are in an area where fish spawn there could possibly be oil on the gold causing it to float the same goes for dry bank run material which my float because of water surface tension. To prevent this use only a tiny dab of dish soap on the tip of your finger.

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I've often thought about trying it but amazingly I've never found the time. A long time ago I bought two black plastic gold pans (with the ridges) and I know I still have at least one of them.

I worked in Horsefly District (harvesting/engineering ops) for a while and noticed a lot of active mining claims in that area. I suppose that would have been a good area to try.

Another area I've thought of is the Similkameen River between Manning and Princton.

Where do you recommend trying? Have you had any success in your area?

Do you use the potatoe and mercury trick to consolidate the gold?
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We had this guy come in our shop from up north,and he always had ziplock bags with gold with him. All small nuggets!! Said he had jars of it in his cabin.
I am intrested in this,also in gems,fossils,and meteors.
Do you pan a lot? where do you go?
Tell us more.[]

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Hey! Leatherman,

The Horsefly District is perfect for panning that is if you can find somewhere to pan. There are many claims located up there mostly active. I¡¦m sure if you spoke to one of them while you were up there they would have been glad to help. [ƒº] If your ever in the
Similkameen area you would want to drop by the government office. They might be able to help. If no luck there your best bet is too get a Placer titles map and check out the area for free space with no claims. Princeton may not be your best bet lots of gold very little space (lots taken sadly). If you head out to Hope you¡¦ll have a blast you can pan the Coquihalla River where it joins on to the mighty Fraser or follow the Coquihalla River up stream. Large nuggets have been found under boulders on this river but be careful of high water and rain for it can be treacherous. I myself have only panned the mouth and it turned up flakes the size of an eraser head. Hmmm¡K mercury and potatoes I have one thing to say about that DO NOT use that method there are just too many hazards concerning your life and the ecosystems, and no I haven¡¦t used the mercury trick yet and will not. Fine cold can be caught using a device called a concentrator.

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Hey Trigger

I'm still in highschool so im quite busy but yes I pan alot or as offten as possible. I have quite a few helpful books you may want to use to help you on your quest for Gems, fossils, etc... First what part of BC you from? North, South, Etc... I may not be too much of a help about gems and fossils up north. Well heres the goods sorta I have one seceret little creek near Kamloops But when i'm not there I skip over to Tranquille River only 15 minute drive from down town Kamloops. At the creeks mouth where the bridge crosses you can pan, or up stream along a gravel road. Have fun I'll be posting recreational panning areas soon
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Hey everyone,
Nice to see a topic so close to my heart. I've been working as a geologist in BC for 14 years for various mining companies, consulting firms and the geological Survey of Canada. I've mapped, collected fossils, prospected for minerals and panned for gold in many parts of the province. If you're in SW BC the best places that I can recommend are the Bridge River and it's tributaries (especially Cadwallader creek near Bralorne) and the upper Anderson River, accessible north of Yale. Both areas have a long history of gold mining. The Similkameen can yeild good results too with platinum nuggets occasionaly found also (small gun-metal to black lumps in the black sand). The best site you can go to for much of this information is
This is the BC gov't site for mining and mineral exploration information.
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One more thing,
Don't ever use Mercury! Mercury causes long term brain/nervous system damage and has highly detrimental effects on the environment. Because it's a metal it will never go away once it is spilled or released into the environment. The vapours are dangerous and can kill if a high enough dosage is absorbed at one time. If you want to separate gold from black sand there are several devices that you can use. A water powered concentrator works well. Also, black sand (the mineral magnetite) is highly magnetic, whereas gold is not so it's possible to separate them that way too.
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Hey magnetite, What parts of southern BC have you panned?
Also do you have any suggestions on areas for the recreational prospector?

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Hi Jared,
I've panned in quite a few spots along the Fraser and in the Southern Chilcotin west of Lillooet. The best places accessible by road in SW BC are probably the Cayoosh Creek and the Bralorne/Gold Bridge areas. Tons of placer gold was mined from the lower Cayoosh creek area durring the 1880s-90s. The area can be reached via the Duffy lake road a short drive south of Lillooet. The southern Chilcotin area is by far my favorite spot for rock hounding, fossil hunting and gold panning. The best spot is probably Cadwallader creek (near Bralorne) downstream from the old Pioneer mine, once the biggest producing gold mine in western Canada. Much of the area has been worked over but the historic rains and floods we had last fall and the washouts they caused probably brought new gold down into places once panned out. The upper Anderson river area has had five small producing gold operations throughout history, the Kawkawa mine near the Coquihalla Hwy being one of them. You can get to the Anderson river along a logging road just north of the hwy1 bridge over the Fraser R. north of Yale.
If you're interested in prospecting I would recommend becoming familiar with the BC gov't Minfile system (found on the link in one of my previous posts). Minfile is a database of all publically known mines, mineral deposits and mineral/metal showings, mined or unmined in all of BC.
I used to be a mine geologist (lived Logan Lake for a while) and most of my prospecting was for industrial metals like copper, zinc, lead and molybdenum so I'm not that good a source of info if you're looking for semi precious gems & crystals etc in southern BC. I did a fair amount of panning & gold prospecting in northern BC but most of those areas can only be reached by air. I could recommend a book or two for SW BC though. I'll have to dig them up so I can give you the correct titles later.
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