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Default Running out of Rocks

Wasn't sure whether to post this under Humour or Conservation.,17341/
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Oh, the onion.... I enjoyed that article. Some of their stuff isn't all that funny though.
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"Merrill went on to point out that, even if there were some "magic hole" in the earth's crust that could miraculously spew out rocks every 10 years or so, modern society's obsession with rocks means that we would still run out of them far more quickly than they could be replenished."


Thanks for sharing that one.
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awesome! reading this from field school, as i look at the pile of rocks I brought back to camp with me today.
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YESH!! no more kidney stones!!!!

A woman went into a butcher shop and asked for a pound of kid-leys!
"Kidleys?" asked the butcher.
"Yes, KIDLEYS!!" repeated the woman, now annoyed.
"You mean KID-NEYS" the butcher, insisted.

"That's what I said......DIDDLE I ?" hehe

I like the line "rocks as we know them...." ahhhhhhh

My sister had a pet rock in the seventies. In fact, one guy took his to the prom with them.

"ROCK LOBSTER" woo hoo

rock on!!
Rock and roll, forever!!

Daddy, can I listen to soft rock?
When have you ever been hit in the head with a "soft" rock?

And we thought PLUTO was a rock!! D'oh! the humanity...

"What ELSE floats on a small stream?"
"Very small..... PEBBLES!!"
"no no no.....
" A....DUCK!"

"Did ya see that "ROCK" she's wearing? If and I mean a big IF they get married? I give it
two months. He'll be paying on that pinkie for years after.

"What do you want to do with your life?????

I wanna rock..........just a that too much to ask for?

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Why do people always have to attribute these natural events to human activity? I think this is nothing more than a trough within the rock cycle. You know, that's the natural cycle where there are more rocks at certain times and fewer rocks at other times. Sure, I'll admit that if you look at rock populations since the industrial revolution there has been a steady decline, but there is no real way of proving that we are the cause of that decline. Every rocktologist knows that rock populations have fluctuated naturally throughout history - sometimes there are more and sometimes there are less. For example, they can be eaten by animals, which in turn, having great trouble with the digestion of the rocks, turn into rocks themselves and then sink into the ground due to the excess weight, thus removing the rocks from the surface of the Earth. These animals are known as fossils and this is only one of the many natural ways in which rock populations can temporarily derease.
In Vancouver, about 31-33 million years ago (in the early Oligobscene epoch), there was a volcano right where Queen Elizabeth park is now. Sure, people quarried the last little bit of it for building stone in the 1920s and earlier, but how do you explain that there was only a little bit of it left by the time people got to it? Hmmmmm? Got you on that one! That would be like, for example, studying the last 50 years of a glacier that has been melting for 12,000 years, and then blaming its demise on some sort of, what's the term I'm looking for, human-caused planetary heating event or something like that. I, for one, am firmly on the side of the global rock crisis deniers.
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Thanks for the chuckle, Magnatite.
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