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Default Heel lift on MSR snowshoes- yay or nay?

A question for the MSR snowshoe users here...

The heel lift, do you remember to use it, and how much of a difference does it make?
One of the people I was out with yesterday has a new pair of msr's, and when he remembered the heel lift he said it made things much easier
BUT - I just noticed on the MEC website they are advertising the lightning ascents without the heel lift, for even lighter weight.
Im wondering why they'd do away with it, other than weight.
Thoughts? comments?

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If you have to climb steeply, it is a big help, I find.

Just for tromping around on trails it doesn't make much difference. But getting up a snowcone to the basse of an ice climb, it is noticeably easier with the heel lift up.
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On long steep climbs I find them to be very useful in reducing calf strain. I feel a lot better at the top than friends who do not have them.

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I have the Denali acsents and I love the lifts for steeps: by resting your heel on the support you save on the muscle power you'd otherwise use to hold your heel up. That being said, it can be a little annoying flipping them up and down if the trail flattens or worse, decends. On the flat the lift will give you the experience of high-heeled snowshoeing!

I suppose the cost is the only difference, as I believe it was with the Denali classic vs ascent. Who would think 2 little pieces of metal would cost $40-50?

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Pro-heel lift. It reduces the strain on your calves.

I would guess the option would be for people in the prairies? or Ontario?[)]
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I love this heel lift! It almost feels as if you're walking on a flat surface.
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having not seen them in person, only the pic. my concern would be how much weight can that little metal loop hold?

it kinda looks like I would just bend / snap it with a 50lbs pack on.
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My MSR shoes (Ascents) have the heel lift and I use it with a 45lb pack on with no problems. They're great for relentless climbs that would normally burn your calves up.
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Nay. Don't have them and don't feel they are really necessary. If I had them, I might like them, but I don't, and could care less
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